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What is ASIST?
ASIST is a suite of interrelated desktop applications which offer flexible tools for managing a municipal asset program. With ASIST you can track citizen calls, work requests, traffic signs, signals, hydrants, backflow devices, water lines and much more. ASIST also delivers powerful stormwater management tools which enable you to manage an NPDES program.
With ASIST you can create standout reports that document your activities. Work efficiently with others by sharing, collecting, and reviewing data at the same time. With ASIST, you're in control, getting things done, tracking your successes and producing amazing results for your program.

ASIST is the most affordable asset management system available anywhere. For one low price you get all modules for an unlimited number of users. So go ahead and get everyone involved and entering data because there are no extra fees with ASIST. Click here to see a listing of the ASIST modules and view online videos of their features.



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